In 2018 we have purchased Limehills Gallant 160033 in shares with David Henderson of the Craigmore Stud. The price was $31,000. He is a bull with very correct structure, calving ease close to top 5%, negative gestation [-2], above average growth [+85], an





“Mahuta hereford Stud has a specialist heifer mating program. The stud has been breeding bulls for yearling heifer mating in the dairy industry for more than 20 years. Based on client follow up, we have developed strict criteria for those bulls we recommend for the dairy industry. We select only those bulls with several generations of very low birthweight, with good shoulder conformation, and a relatively narrow body. Our clients have been using these bulls for many years with a minimum of problems. There are very few studs in New Zealand  who can match ours for consistency of low birthweight. We recommend discussion about individual choices as there is a range of calving ease among the bulls we offer.”