In 2018 we have purchased Limehills Gallant 160033 in shares with David Henderson of the Craigmore Stud. The price was $31,000. He is a bull with very correct structure, calving ease close to top 5%, negative gestation [-2], above average growth [+85], an





Braxton Giant 4 was a Champion in his day. He was sold to Koanui for $70,000 as a mature bull. Although he as not used himself, several of his sons were including Koanui Supreme, Braxton Indicator 134, Braxton Great Southern and a bull out of a daughter (Matariki Quest).

Koanui Supreme was a very consistent breeder leaving great females. He was a trait leader for most of the growth categories, EMA and Milk.

Braxton Westwind was purchased by Canterbury syndicate for $38,000 and was a trait leader for growth, meat and fertility. A son, Okawa Tyson, was sold for $20,000 and bred several show champions an dhigh performing bulls.

Matariki Quest was Reserve Champion at Beef Expo and purchased for $21,000. He bred very consistent correct cattle and was the sire of Mahuta Quest our leading low-birthweight sire.

Koanui Tarzan P 5 was an early maturing bull wiht outstanding early growth and out of one of the best cows at Koanui.

Matariki Holy-Smoke has bred outstandingly well with sons selling for over 50,000 in Australia. He has had a big influence on the breed in both countries. We have a very good son - mahuta King 4060.

Koanui Spy 8371 combined very high calving ease with meat.   

Limehills Starter 13 1078 is emerging as a very good bull combining calving ease [top 5%], growth [top 15%], gestation [top 15%], and meat [top 30%]. In addition, he is free-moving, athletic and a very good calf-getter. 

The pedigrees of our cattle are full of these bulls.