We are recovering after the drought and have some very good calves. Limehills Gallant 160033 is the standout sire. He combines high calving ease with negative gestation and above average growth and meat. He is breeding very consistently and his calves are





Braxton Giant 4 was a Champion in his day. He was sold to Koanui for $50,000 as a mature bull. Although he as not used himself, several of his sons were including Koanui Supreme, Braxton Indicator 134, Braxton Great Southern and a bull out of a daughter (Matariki Quest).

Koanui Supreme was a very consistent breeder leaving great females. He was a trait leader for most of the growth categories, EMA and Milk.

Braxton Westwind was purchased by Canterbury syndicate for $38,000 and was a trait leader for growth, meat and fertility. A son, Okawa Tyson, was sold for $20,000 and bred several show champions an dhigh performing bulls.

Matariki Quest was Reserve Champion at Beef Expo and purchased for $21,000. He bred very consistent correct cattle and was the sire of Mahuta Quest our leading low-birthweight sire.

Koanui Tarzan P 5 was an early maturing bull wiht outstanding early growth and out of one of the best cows at Koanui.

Matariki Holy-Smoke has bred outstandingly well with sons selling for over 50,000 in Australia. He has had a big influence on the breed in both countries. We have a very good son - mahuta King 4060.

Koanui Spy 8371 combined very high calving ease with meat.   

Limehills Starter 13 1078 is emerging as a very good bull combining calving ease [top 5%], growth [top 15%], gestation [top 15%], and meat [top 30%]. In addition, he is free-moving, athletic and a very good calf-getter. 

Our latest good bull is Limehills Galant 160033. He is by Monymusk Galant sold for $70,000.00 and out of a very good Limehills cow. He is breeding very consistently. His progeny are moderate sized, well muscled, broad-based, and very sound. First sons will be in our sale 2020.

Both Limehills Starter 13 1078 and Limehills Galant 160033 have HP indexes in the top 1%. This means that they rank in the top 1% in Australasia for profit from prime beef production 

The pedigrees of our cattle are full of these bulls.