We are recovering after the drought and have some very good calves. Limehills Gallant 160033 is the standout sire. He combines high calving ease with negative gestation and above average growth and meat. He is breeding very consistently and his calves are





The farm consists of 800 acres of rolling to steep country at Glen Murray. In 2012 e purchase a runoff block of 230 acres which is 10km away from the home farm.  There is a variety of contours from gently rolling to steep and the country tends to be winter wet and summer dry. Stock consist of around 240 breeding cows and 1200 ewes and supporting young stock. Bulls are sold as yearlings or culled and sold as prime steers and cull heifers are sold for local trade at 15-18 months. Lambs are sold for the prime market and cull ewes are sold as 5 -yr olds.