In 2018 we have purchased Limehills Gallant 160033 in shares with David Henderson of the Craigmore Stud. The price was $31,000. He is a bull with very correct structure, calving ease close to top 5%, negative gestation [-2], above average growth [+85], an





Mahuta cattle are farmed in conjunction with commercial cattle and grazed in an intensive rotational grazing program with an emphasis on feed efficiency. Cows are used to prepare pasture for fattening stock and to clean up rough feed.

 Heifers are mated to low-birthweight bulls. The herd is divided into two groups although all stock are run together. One group is used to breed low birthweight bulls for heifer mating and the other bred for growth and meat.


Our philosophy is to expose all catttle to commercial farming pressures thus selecting those which will thrive in a commercial environment. This involves breeding cattle which can withstand hardship and compensate with catch-up growth. We believe that this will improve returns to the commercial cattleman.  


In 2010 Angus heifers were purchased from the Waitangi Stud. We  purchased further heifers in 2011 from the Te Atarangi Stud. We have chosen these because they are farmed in a similar enviromen to our ownt and the herds have a strong emphasis on fertility. In paricular the Te Atarangi stud has a very short mating period thus selecting the most fertile females and this will result in more fertile bulls,