We are recovering after the drought and have some very good calves. Limehills Gallant 160033 is the standout sire. He combines high calving ease with negative gestation and above average growth and meat. He is breeding very consistently and his calves are





The aim of the breeding program is to breed quiet, sound, functional cattle who will thrive under commercial conditions and maximise profits from beef for their owners. There is a strong emphasis on fertility, with all heifers reaching the target weight mated as yearlings and expected to rear a calf every year. Culling is done on performance. Mating periods are brief and calving condensed. We aim to use proven sires to breed productive cattle of moderate size with early growth and early maturity. We are also looking for adequate meat and positive fats

We believe that calving ease and fertility are two of the most profitable traits and are more important than growth.This means more live calves on the ground and reduces an important area of lost production. We therefore aim to keep our birweights below average and our growth and meat  above average. Bull selection is done using parameters which we believe will add value to our clients. Thes include HP and Dairy indexes. We also believe that finishing ability is an important economic trait since in offers flexibility especially in dry years - the opportunity to finish at 15 months or grow on to heaver weights.  


Indexes are tools derived from EBVs which place a dollar [profit] value on each animal. Differing weight is placed on economically important traits with calving ease attracting a high weighting. A steep growth curve and eye muscle area also attract positive weighting.

Our herd sires all have HP and DM indexes which are well above average and some are in the top 1% for Australasia. We believe this has the potential to improve the profitability of our clients' beef operations and this is the aim of our breeding program.


All animals are fed at close to commercial levels and no supplements are fed or crops used.