We have 2 sires in current use and both are breeding well. They are Mahuta king 4060 and Limehills Starter 1078. Starter's HP index is way above the top 1% and he is breeding consistently good cattle.
Mahuta King is a growth and meat bull with tremendous



Welcome to Mahuta Poll Hereford Stud

Mahuta Poll Hereford Stud is run at Glen Murray South of Bombay hills and
North West of Huntly.

Yearling bulls are sold annually.

The Stud is owned by John and Mary Allen and the farm is managed by
Campbell Bryce. Visitors are welcome.

Mahuta Excalibur

Owners address

31B Hiwinui Road
RD 3
Phone: 09 294 7178

Farm address

313 Maurice Road
Glen Murray
RD 5
Phone: 09 233 3225